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Master John Maris

Master Maris uses a unique positive re-enforcement teaching style, motivating both kids and adults to new levels of achievement. Master Maris is a fourth degree black belt and holds the distinctive rank of Master in the World Tang Soo Do Association.

Master Maris began his practice of Tang Soo Do in 1992, achieving his first degree black belt in 1997. He began teaching the following year and is a certified instructor and lifetime member of the World Tang Soo Do Association.

Committed to maintaining the traditional values of Tang Soo Do, Master Maris encourages students to live a healthy and harmonious life. He promotes respect and strong academic performance in the kids who participate in his classes.

Positive Karate USA

The largest and longest running martial arts program in the North Lake Tahoe area, Positive Karate provides a fun and safe atmosphere for growth and learning.

Students progress through increasingly structured training that brings greater health, self confidence and self control.

World Tang Soo Do Association

World Tang Soo Do practitioners and members of the World Tang Soo Do Association strive to live a healthy and harmonious life on both the physical and mental level. Great importance is placed on the traditional values of respect, discipline, self control, self improvement and ettiquite.

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