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Class Description

Little Tigers (Age 3-6)

A fun, movement-based class with self-defense and awareness drills. This is a great age to start the martial arts!

Junior - Introduction (Age 7-11)

A structured introduction to Tang Soo Do. Awareness, self-defense, exercise and goal setting are all part of this self-confidence-improving program.

Junior - Advanced (Age 7-11)

Take it to the next level! This program advances students from green belt to black belt and includes weapons, advanced forms, demo team and sparring.

Teens & Adults (Age 12+)

Our adult-specific program is designed to maximize the martial arts experience while still providing a fun, fast-paced class environment.


We offer various programs per location. Please call us at (775) 887-1123 to speak to someone who will find the right fit for you.

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